The Quiet American

As an English major at a pretty reputable university, I end up reading a lot more classics in the classroom than most people do in their free time. In the course of my time at Yale, I’ve read (literally) every single work of Jane Austen, 32/37 of Shakespeare’s plays, and the entirety of Paradise Lost.Continue reading “The Quiet American”

Shop Spotlight: Authored Adornments

Today, I’d like to take some time to spotlight a shop that you HAVE to check out if you love books! Authored Adornments is an etsy shop that specializes in bookish gear for the reader who LOVES The classics. I first discovered Authored Adornments when I received a “Curiouser and Curiouser” bookmark from them inContinue reading “Shop Spotlight: Authored Adornments”

Conservative Reads

Part of the impetus behind starting this blog was the numerous requests I had on my book related posts on another website,, to give book recommendations or start a bookclub, so this site has to include a recommendation of my favorite conservative reads! I’ve known I was a conservative since elementary school, but IContinue reading “Conservative Reads”