Camp Austen: My Life as an Accidental Jane Austen Superfan

Take a romp through three days at a Jane Austen summer camp,

$1.99 and Less Kindle Book Deals: March 30th

Stock up for your Easter weekend reading with these books on sale through Amazon Kindle for $1.99 or less. 

Spring Cleaning Book Tag

It’s spring cleaning time ya’ll, and there’s a book tag for everything.

A Book Set in Every State

What’s a book set in your state that didn’t make my list? 

Eliza and Her Monsters

Eliza’s kind of a big deal online, as in web-comic famous, but no one knows who she really is. Until she mets Wallace: a real-life friend, and maybe more, who doesn’t yet know how that the creator of the web comic he writes fanfiction for is sitting right next to him at the lunch table

$1.99 and Less Kindle Book Deals: March 23rd

Lots of books on sale today! Pick up a new mystery by Patricia Gibney, Leah Stewart, or Caite Dolan-Leach.

Author Spotlight: Anna Godbersen

Her new novel, When We Caught Fire, is out this fall, but before you fall in love with Godbersen’s new character, check out the stories and characters that made her a beloved historical fiction author for teens and young adults

Remains of the Day

One of my challenges to myself this year was to read a book by a Nobel Prize winner, and since Kazuo Ishiguro is the most recent recipient, I decided to make him the lucky one!

12 Poetry Collections Perfect for World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day is here, and I want to use this time to let you know that poetry isn’t all Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson and Alexander Pop