A Deadly Education

Did you grow up on Harry Potter? Are you now finished with grad school, and a little grumpier than you used to be? Pick up A Deadly Education wherever books are sold.

Books at the Box Office: Holes

This is a book that is read by most middle schoolers these days, and when I posted in my intern housing GroupMe that we were going to be watching the film one night in the fall of 2018, I had a dozen people crammed into my living room to watch

Vampires Never Get Old

A super queer, very bloody short story collection about vampires

Books at the Box Office: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

I don’t think I was really the right age at the right time to CONNECT with Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants when they first entered my life

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

Finally, after months of fear-mongering in my own brain, I tackled the Goliath of my TBR pile–To Sleep in a Sea of Stars,