Meet Aryssa

Here are 23 random facts you need to know about me.

  1. I graduated from Yale with a degree in English in May 2018 and my MSLS from the University of Kentucky in August 2019
  2. I did a senior presentation on our mascot, Handsome Dan, because I’m obsessed with English Bulldogs.
  3. My favorite genre of book can be described as “domestic noir.” As in, I want an unreliable narrator wife with a questionable husband and some weird neighbors. She needs to drink a lot of wine, preferably not have a real job, and she needs to think her life is in danger.
  4. I got my ears pierced just before my senior year of college and now I’m obsessed with earrings.
  5. I’ve worked for several publishing companies in editorial and publicity and once ghost-wrote an op-ed for a 90s actress.
  6.  I have a passion for true crime shows and podcasts. It all started with Serial, which I’ve listened to several times. Now, that fascination is Noble Blood.
  7. I’ve participated in Nanowrimo four times and two of those novels got lost when I switched computers in college. Goodbye, my darlings!
  8. I once broke my ankle while running away from a mouse. I escaped, for the record. Then, while in my “boot,” I met famed neurosurgeon Ben Carson. He looked at me and said “What’s wrong with you?”
  9. My catchphrase is “That’s valid.”
  10. I go to Starbucks so often that it is comical. I always order a venti skinny vanilla latte. Except in the really hot summer months when I get a venti pink drink with light ice.
  11. I’ve seen every episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch multiple times. My cat’s name is Salem.
  12. I don’t have a driver’s license. Thank God for Uber and car service.I’m going to get it in 2020 though, I swear.
  13. My proudest book collection is the complete Clique series by Lisi Harrison.
  14. I’m a columnist and cabinet member for Future Female Leaders, where you can find me talking about politics, what not to wear to a job interview, why your resume keeps getting thrown in the trash, and more books.
  15. I once dated a guy for six months only to find out he was hiding a secret fiancee in another state. I’m going to write a book about it someday.
  16. My favorite classic novel is The Beautiful and Damned by F Scott Fitzgerald. Like Anthony Patch, I too like writing novels and taking baths.
  17. I love fertility dystopias-Handmaid’s Tale, Red Clocks, Bumped, The Jewel Series, etc.
  18. When I was five years old my hair caught on fire at midnight mass before Christmas. My mom puts the flames out with her sweater.
  19. I began doing theater at age 3 (The Littlest Angel) and did a couple shows a year through college (Giovanni’s Room). This included four productions of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol and one spectacular run as the Farmer’s Wife in Peter Rabbit.
  20. I’m always reading around 3 books at a time–a hardcover/paperback, an eBook, and an audiobook. Usually they’re of very different genres or styles. As I write this I’m reading a literary criticism of Jane Austen fans, listening to an audiobook about statistics of word frequency and usage in novels, and reading a manuscript of a book of personal essays.
  21. In high school I was the star of my mock trial team and won best attorney all four years. That sounds impressive, but you should have seen the rest of the team. Still, it taught me a lot about courtrooms and acting like a hardened defense attorney.
  22.  I keep my email inbox tidy and as empty as possible. I never leave an email unread, I always sort into folders, and if you don’t get a response from me, or at least an acknowledgement, within 48 hours, I have probably died.
  23.  This book blog is mostly for me. Sure, I love when people read it, share my reviews and lists, etc, but it started so that I could keep track of what I was reading and start building a portfolio for future jobs. I don’t need to be a bookstagram celebrity. Mostly because that sounds really hard.

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  1. Kate Cervarich says:

    Hi, I love the graphic that you used with your Feb. 2017 Celebrate African American Authors list. May I have permission to use that graphic for my in-library black history month display? Thanks


  2. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.


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