New Kid

In March 2020, my goal was to read every Newbery Winner since I was born

The First Time

The Bachelor franchise is the guilty pleasure I don’t feel guilty about-

First: Sandra Day O’Connor

On July 7, 1981 President Ronald Reagan kept a campaign promise that would change the highest court in the land forever.

The Return

The Return by Rachel Harrison was touted as one of the most anticipated debuts of 2020,

Break Your Glass Slippers

I’ve been reading a lot of long novels in 2020 so far, so I was excited to take a quick break with the latest poetry collection by Amanda Lovelace

“Oops, Didn’t Review”

How often do I look back on the books I read that month and realize I didn’t write a formal review? Too often,

The Gifted School

How did I not pick this as one of my BOTM picks that month? It seems so in my wheelhouse. Bruce Holsinger’s The Gifted School is about elite parents, crazy friendship dynamics, is multi-POV, and has that private/magnet school aspect I clamor for. It’s kind of insane that I waited so long to read it–but…

Anna K

A classic retold as if it was basically Gossip Girl? How did I not know about this book earlier?

An Anonymous Girl

On my quest to stop having a TBR pile the size of my house inside my house, I finally read An Anonymous Girl


I finally got around to reading a book I was given by a Secret Santa…at least 2 years ago.