I feel like I just accidentally got a PhD in Arthurian legend? And maybe learned some Welsh? Legendborn was already on my radar–but then a girl I went to college with (hi Lillie!) and the Coretta Scott King Award committee were like “you have to read this” so I dove right in! Bree Matthews is…

Bridge of Souls

This book is the typical middle grade horror novel Schwab has been serving up so well-

You Love Me

Joe Goldberg is back! Classical music to some ears, taunting ice cream truck music to others. I’m somewhere in between. I really enjoyed the TV show, and I liked the first two books as well–but I’m also fascinated by books that use the second person, so it already had me there. The third book in…

The Guest List

Another multi POV thriller where someone is dead, but you spend the whole novel finding out who is dead and who did it? okay, I’ll bite. The Guest List by Lucy Foley has been on my TBR for a few months, and while it wasn’t as fast-paced as I expected, and got a bit overwhelming…

People We Meet on Vacation

This book will definitely be well received by the contemporary romance lovers of the world–for good reasons.

The Dating Plan

Do you ever start reading a romance novel and have to literally put it down and say “wow this premise is ridiculous” and then you pick it up and keep reading?

The Soulmate Equation

This is a perfect read if you just want an escape and to smile wide and not want to put the book down

Meet You in the Middle

Liberal girl meets Republican boy working the hill, sparks fly, and that’s a HEA, right?

Transcendent Kingdom

I read widely–and I’m always excited when I pick up a great literary novel and am BLOWN AWAY by the writing.