7 Books That Include a Wedding

The 2019 Pop Sugar Reading Challenge asks you to read a book that includes a wedding,

Books Featuring Twins

Completing the Pop Sugar reading challenge in 2018? Looking for books featuring twins? Look no further.

15 Celebrity Memoirs To Check Out This Month

One of the prompts on the FFL Reading Challenge is a celebrity memoir, and since we’re all about female leaders, I’ll definitely be reading a book by a female celebrity

Books with a Time of Day in the Title

Today, check out these books with a time of day in their title. As you’ll see from my list, a lot of things happen at night.

Books with Colors in Their Title

Another popular “reading challenge” prompt, along with “fruits and vegetables” is a book with a certain color in the title. I think the PopSugar prompt for this year is “A book with your favorite color in the title.”