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  • Closer to Nowhere

    Closer to Nowhere

    I STAN Ellen Hopkins books so hard.

  • The Poet X

    The Poet X

    My grad school class on YA literature asks us to read an “award winning YA book from 2017, 18 or 19” and I knew I wanted to read The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo

  • The Opposite of Innocent

    The Opposite of Innocent

    The Opposite of Innocent is a haunting verse novel set against the backdrop of young love, what it is and isn’t, and one girl’s relationship with an older man that doesn’t go how she thought it would at all. I

  • 6 Books in Verse You Should Read

    6 Books in Verse You Should Read

    Stories can only be told so many ways, and in 2018 I’ve noticed a lot of books that feel exactly like another book I just read, so I’m always looking for something unique. Novels in Verse have never let me down when it comes to this

  • People Kill People

    People Kill People

    I absolutely LOVE Ellen Hopkins’ book, particularly her YA verse books, and so I was over the moon when my #bookishwish was granted and an ARC of People Kill People showed up on my door step!

  • 500 Words or Less

    500 Words or Less

    High school drama and the pressure of college admissions come to life through verse in 500 Words or Less