Book of the Month Club

Back in the fall,around the end of September, I received an email from a friend about something called ‘The Book of the Month Club’ and it included a coupon/discount code that made my first monthly $5. $5 for a book? Heck yes. So I signed up on the per month basis, thinking that if I didn’t like what I got the first month, or if I found that the books just weren’t my style, I’d cancel my account and move on. So, cue the 1st day of October, and I get a cute little email telling me that there are five books for me to choose from, and one of them is going to be my book of the month!

I’m a big fan of this model as opposed to most subscription boxes because while I love a good surprise, I’m not going to read every book that someone sends me. I really prefer to pick the book myself, even if I’m picking among a smaller selection. For my October book, I picked The Wonder by Emma Donogue, a book that had just recently come on my radar after I read Room and I was eager to pick up! It was perfect!

In November, I was less excited. None of the books caught my attention or held my interest. I was a little confused about what it means to “skip” a month, so I ended up paying for my month’s subscription and I thought I had chosen not to get a book, to put my monthly payment towards a future month, but apparently I clicked something and ended up with the book Every Man a Menace in my mail box. The book looks…interesting…but it’s definitely not my type of book. I’ll probably hold onto it for another month.


When December 1st came around, I was back to being excited! I had heard rave reviews about The Sun Is Also a Star and picked it without a second of  hesitation. I even paid the extra dollar to get it to me quicker. The book did not disappoint. I laughed, I cried, and I loved it. It’s the only one of the three books I’ve read so far, but I loved every moment of it. If you haven’t read it, stop reading this right now and go buy it. I’m serious.

I’m patiently waiting for the post office at my university to open so I can get my January selection, The Most Dangerous Place on Earth, but I’m excited to read it. It came off as very “Gossip Girl” to me, so count me in!

If you love subscription boxes that come with a book and related goodies, perhaps think twice before diving into The Book of the Month Club. Primarily, it is a book and a bookmark and a short letter. No jewelry or coffee mugs or stickers. However, it is significantly less than most subscription boxes, and you’re guaranteed to use what comes in the mail! Personally, I love receiving my OwlCrate every month but I don’t always use the items that I paid good money for. It’s not their fault, but I should know myself better. I love books, and I don’t buy new books nearly enough. That’s why the Book of the Month Club is pretty perfect for me.











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