The Thousandth Floor

After months of this beautiful book sitting on my shelf, gathering dust, I finally picked up The Thousandth Floor and boy, I was not disappointed. When the back jacket features supportive reviews from the likes of Cecily Von Ziegesar and Melissa de la Cruz, I knew I was in for a good time.

One of the best parts about the novel is it’s amazing world building. Yes, it is New York City in 2118 but it’s pretty different. It’s technologically advanced and the tower set up could be confusing or just unknown, but McGee does an amazing job of slowly introducing the reader to the set up of the tower, the advancements of the culture, et cetera. I love that she doesn’t have to do one of those “backstory” or “history lesson” chapters, but instead embeds it beautifully within the narrative.

The characters are pretty hilarious, and also really culturally diverse you realize. This is clearly a New York City type world. You’ve got caucasians, blacks, Asians, Iranians, etc. McGee also brilliantly creates diverse characters without making their diversity their only attribute. We find out that Watt’s parents are Iranian immigrants, but he is so much more than that and other than his desire to make more money for his family, which is universal across culture, his backstory is not that important to the narrative.

This is more than a futuristic Gossip Girl or a novel about kids who have too much money or a look at the technology of the future. It’s a murder mystery that keeps you in the dark of the  culprit and the motive and even the victim until the final pages. It’s a survey of relationships across race, class, and gender lines. It’s a page-turner, and I can’t wait to read the sequel, These Dazzling Heights, coming out this August.

Find The Thousandth Floor here.


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