Holidays on Ice

If you’ve got a dark sense of humor and are trying to get in the holiday spirit, look no further than David Sedaris’s hilarious short story collection, Holidays on Ice. I listened to the audiobok, read by Sedaris himself ,and was laughing at loud walking down the street!

Complete with stories about a mall elf and his various santas, a dark and humorous greeting card, insight into gift-giving like you’ve never heard before, and more, this is the perfect book to gift this holiday season or to devour yourself! Sedaris’ humor is dark and yet perfectly ironic for the light-hearted holiday season.

One of my favorite stories from the collection was the first one in which Sedaris recounted a narrator who spends a holiday season as a Macy’s elf. Sedaris’ deadpan voice was perfect for this elf who rotated between positions, waxed about how much he hated his life, interacted with the snotty and snooty children, and sent out photos to family’s near and far.  The story of a mother and grandmother sending an unexpected holiday greeting to her neighbors, explaining what has happened in their life recently, was also laugh out loud hilarious. I actually had to turn it off at one point while I was walking to work because people on the street looked concerned about me.

I’ve heard of David Sedaris, and likely read him without knowing it, but after reading Holidays on Ice, I’ll definitely by picking up his other books ASAP!







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