2017 Reading by the Numbers

2017 was a big year of reading for me. Not only am I an English major, I run this blog, and I also worked at a publishing company, AND I reviewed books for a political blog, so I read A LOT of books this year. However, I’m always interested in looking at the breakdown of my reading, especially fiction versus nonfiction, because I’ll take spells of alternating, but then I’ll binge some fiction books for weeks at a time. I also have a lot of friends who always say it’s their goal that year to read more books by women or only books by women, but when I break down the numbers, I read a lot of books by women without even thinking about it. Perhaps that is the genres I read, but perhaps not. Anyway, here is my 2017 reading broken down by the numbers.

Looks like I had a real preference for fiction this year. I can promise you that I was SUPPOSED to have read at least 55-60 books this entire year for school, but I only count books as read if I finished them completely, so sorry to the re-read classics I didn’t have time to get through and the norse sagas that were only one story out of a compendium of many for not making the cut.

Check out the rest of my blog to find out my favorite (and least favorite) books of 2017 and more reviews! 

Total Books Finished: 142

Nonfiction Books:  45

Fiction Books:  97

Books by Women: 94

Books by Men:  48

Complete Books Read for Class: 32 (doesn’t count books I didn’t finish…oops)

Books Read for Work (Not including this Blog): 21

Books Published and Read in 2017: 59

Books Published Before 2000: 23

Books Listened To: 16




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