February Reading Recap

February is over! How did that happen so fast? I feel like January took six months and February took an hour. I started my internship at a publishing company in NYC this month, so while I’ve had a lot of time on trains, I’ve also been reading a lot of things that aren’t published (or even a full manuscript…) yet and not counting those towards my totals. I ended up reading eight books this month for a total of 22 so far this year. Not shabby, I know, but I’m hoping to kick it into gear in March.

Here’s my February reading recap:

Total Books Consumed:8

Books Read: 4

Books Listened To: 4

Manuscripts read at work: at least 3 or 4

Favorite book: Either the Storied Life of AJ Fikry or Woman in Cabin 10. Both were absolutely interesting book. Storied Life was a gripping and moving read. Woman in Cabin 10 was a heart-pounding mystery thriller.

Least favorite book: The English Wife. I liked the concept but the book just didn’t move quickly enough for me. It took me nearly a week to read.

Book of the month club pick: American Family (the Oprah book club pick) and Woman in the Window

I wasn’t super successful in my reading endeavors this week, but I think that was because I was absolutely exhausted from work and got stuck on The English Wife for a while.  I had a good divide between audiobooks and physical books so that’s good! Hopefully I can get through at least 10 books in March.

My TBR Pile for March: An American Marriage, No Good Deed, I Was Anastasia, Fatal Throne, and more.

How many books did you read in February? What’s on your TBR for March?


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