No Good Deed

It’s summer camp for social justice warriors and activists…but then it becomes more Lord of the Flies than Kumbaya. How can Gregor feed the children of the world if he is preoccupied by a Men’s Right activist sharing his bunk and a cut-throat competition for an internship? What you get is the latest book by Goldy Moldavsky, author of Kill the Boy Band, that will make you glad you went to a normal summer camp but also make you think about how you save the world every day.

This book begins with Gregor rolling up to Camp Save the World as a pretty lowly kid. His family thinks he is lame, he’s obsessed with Superman, and he wants to feed the children of the world but he hasn’t quite gotten there yet. He thinks he is going to find himself at Camp Save the World, an activist summer camp set up by his hero, tech genius Robert Drill, but things aren’t exactly as they seem. The other activists are…characters, to say the least, the camp isn’t like any summer camp you and I have ever known, and Robert Drill may not be who he claims to be. When an internship is announced as the prize for the best activist, the camp devolves into all out war. There are your typical pranks but also high stakes threats that end several campers up in the hospital by the end. Along the way, Gregor begins to truly understand what it means to save the world, and he might just find love along the way too if his new friendship with famous activist and actress Ashley Woodstone doesn’t derail his whole life.

I listened to this book as an audiobook,and I absolutely loved the narrator Michael Crouch. He made Gregor seem reasonable and an enjoyable character and had nice little inflections to denote when the other campers, known by their causes (Feminism, Down with Styrofoam, I Like Paint, etc,) were speaking. He didn’t try to do “female” voices but he definitely changed his voice a bit to be Ashley Woodstone, the celebrity of the camp, and I thought it worked really well.If you’re interested in this book, consider it as an audiobook.

Overall, I was really pleased with this book and would definitely recommend it to people who love new takes on contemporary YA novels. I’m also trying to read more books with male protagonists and this book had one I actually enjoyed listening to and who I could relate to on some level. Check it out!


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