The School for Psychics

Teddy Cannon is something of a loose cannon, racking up gambling debts left and right and fighting strange feelings inside of her mind but then she finds out she’s psychic. And not only that, powerful people know she’s psychic and she’s been recruited to a top secret psychic school in San Francisco. When she arrives, she realizes she is in over her head and things are not what they seem. This book is perfect for lovers of secret missions, police procedurals gone wrong, sassy female characters, and psychic abilities.

School for Psychics not only features a cool protagonist in Teddy but a nice array of side characters like a sexy FBI agent, an angsty but powerful dean, hacker best friends, vegan yogi roommates, girls who can talk to animals, and more. It’s a real ensemble cast that comes together multiple times to make the action of the book possible.

This book is hard to fit into one category. While some of the themes may seem YA, it’s more new adult/adult than that. Teddy is a college drop out in her 20s and those around her seem to be about the same age. There’s sex, though it’s not too explicit, and drinking and spy stuff, like hacking into mainframes and rappelling down buildings.

This book is predictable in a lot of ways, but it’s also just a fun easy read that definitely draws you in and makes you want to keep reading. I’m looking forward to book two coming out in the future because I NEED to know how some of the major issues in Teddy’s life are going to resolve? Will she learn the truth about her parents? Will she learn to control her abilities? Is that crazy secret society the bad guy or the good guy?  I need to know!

School for Psychics is on sale April 3rd. Pre-order it now!






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  1. chaptersafterchapters Avatar

    I read this book awhile back and I loved it! I am just glad someone else got a chance to get their hands on this book too because I don’t feel like SFP is getting enough attention.

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