Kate Jarvik Birch’s Perfected trilogy comes to an explosive end in the final installment, Unraveled, out now.  Ella is no longer a pet, bred to be the plaything for rich men and women, but now she’s a rebel and she will do anything to take down NuPet and the Congressman who owned her. She’s joined by a team of other rebels and the Congressman’s son, Penn, but things aren’t going to be easy. They never are.

To be completely honest, I didn’t remember too much of what happened in book two when I picked this book up, but I know the basic plot and remember who was good and who was bad, etc. Still, I fell right back into it in Unraveled and Kate Jarvik Birch kept me up to speed! She also propelled me through this. It’s a short book. The arc I was reading (online) said it was only 197 pages, but I think it packed a punch. For every step forward there are two steps back and an explosion, but you are rooting for Ella and you believe in her every step of the way. Ultimately, I think the strongest part of this entire series is the conceit, but this was definitely an action-packed conclusion to the series! I won’t tell you how it ends, but some of your favorite characters may be dead and some of your least favorite may survivor. Anything is possible with these books.

I gave this book 3 stars on Goodreads, though I enjoyed it well-enough. I mostly just wanted to see how the series would end. I LOVED the conceit and the first book, but I’m not a huge action person so having her as a rebel on the run instead of locked inside the house and finding love and learning all those things just wasn’t as exciting. But this book is a great conclusion to the trilogy and really explodes on the page. Have I made enough bomb references yet? Anyway, check this out if you need to finish this series and if you haven’t, check out the first book, Perfected, on sale wherever books are sold.


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