April Reading Recap

April is over, and it’s time to look back on how much I read before I dive into my May TBR pile. As a reminder, in March I read 12 books: 6 audiobooks and 6 hardcopies. This month, I did slightly better

Total Books Consumed: 13, including:

  • Small Admissions
  • Heads of the Colored People
  • Playing Dead
  • Unraveled
  • Not If I Save You First
  • Unraveling Oliver
  • All-American Murder
  • The Oracle Year
  • You Think It, I’ll Say It
  • Tradition
  • The Westing Game
  • Royals
  • Wild Things

Books Read: 7

Audiobooks Listened To: 6, including:

  • Small Admissions
  • Wild Things
  • Unraveling Oliver
  • The Oracle Year
  • Not If I Save You First
  • All-American Murder

BOTM Pick: Our Kind of Cruelty. Have I read this yet? Of course not. I’m so far behind on my BOTM reading. I think I’m going to skip May (since I already have an ARC of Mars Room and that’s the one that interests me most) and try and play catch up.

Favorite Book: Unraveling Oliver. I love character-driven books that slowly unlock history and the past, and this one fit the bill.

Least Favorite Book: Nothing stands out to me this month that I didn’t love, though I wasn’t as impressed with Unraveled as I thought I would be. Maybe I just outgrew the series.

Here’s my May TBR list, which is full of ARCS and books I’ve been meaning to read FOREVER. I’m shooting to read 20 books in May, but let’s see.

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  • A Court of Frost and Starlight
  • Fatal Throne
  • Sorority
  • From Twinkle, With Love
  • The Academy
  • All of This is True
  • Monday’s Not Coming
  • The Last Equation of Isaac Severy
  • Then She Was Gone
  • Fahrenheit 451
  • Harry, a History
  • The Know-It-All
  • Bonfire
  • American Panda
  • The Death of Mrs Westaway
  • My Plain Jane
  • White Fur



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