An Update on My 2018 Bookish Goals

So back in January I set 100 goals for myself for the year, ranging from see very Oscar Best Picture nominee to take a hike to eat a kumquat. But I also made several bookish goals, which I documented back in January, but I want to update you all on now! I’ve making good progress on my 100 goals,but I have so many more to go.

Give 10 books as gifts

I’m about halfway done with this. I ended up giving a ton of books away during college move out but I’m not counting those as “gifts” because gift implies intention in picking them out. Still seven more months of birthdays and holidays though!

Host 5 Owlcrate Society Giveaways

I’ve hosted three so far, including My Plain Jane (one of my most anticipated 2018 releases) but I’ll keep trucking on as I get more ARCs and pass them on to eager readers.

Get a New Haven Library Card

Whoops. I just left New Haven on Tuesday for probably ever. No library card for me.

Write monthly releases blogs every month

I’ve been doing it so far and I’ve even started my lists through November!

Complete 25 literary apothecary recommendations

Still chugging away at this…I just need more people involved.  You can check it out here and help me meet this goal. 

Read a book by one of my professors

Alright, I haven’t done this yet,but I have every intention. I started the audiobook of A Home at the End of the World by Cunningham and didn’t like the narration so I stopped. I’m thinking I’ll read Ka by John Crowley.

Read a book by a Nobel Prize winner

Done! I read Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro and enjoyed it.

Read a Stephen King novel

Still planning to do this but…I haven’t yet. Whoops.

Visit the Strand Bookstore

I interned in NYC all semester and didn’t make it to the Strand. Maybe when I go back to the Northeast for the Game in November.

Go to an author’s book signing

Done! Twice! Lauren Willig and John Crowley.

Read every book by Kasie West

Okay, I am caught up except for her duology Pivot Point/Split Second, but she has another book coming out in December…

Finish re-reading the Harry Potter series

Done! And I enjoyed it so greatly.

Complete the Popsugar Reading Challenge

Slowly chugging along. Still need a Nordic noir recommendation I won’t hate.

Complete the FFL Reading Challenge

About 7/10 of the way done. Still need a classic by a woman, a book by someone running in 2018, and a book about Abraham Lincoln. I tried to do the audiobook of Lincoln in the Bardo but just couldn’t. You can find the complete challenge here. 

Read at least 52 books

I’ve read like 30 books so far, so I’m making good progress.

Listen to 30 audiobooks

I’m so close! I’ve listened to 29 audiobooks. I can taste completion.

Read War and Peace

Still need to do this…if i end up going to China for six weeks this will be the only book I take and I’ll finally knock it out.

Read Catcher in the Rye

I did it! This was one of the earliest tasks I accomplished this year. It was fine. I understand why people like it, but I wasn’t enamored. Maybe I’m too old for it now.


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