Pretty Powerful: Appearance, Substance, and Success

This review originally appeared on Future Female Leaders

In Pretty Powerful, Eboni Williams shows she’s an absolute specialist at addressing how appearance affects women’s lives and careers and showing how to handle those effects. Pretty Powerful: Appearance, Substance, and Success covers everything from how to dress for a job interview, how beauty has helped and hurt women in politics, and Williams’ backstory that made her the successful woman she is today. If you’re a young woman who is learning every day that appearance does matter, but so does substance, then this is the book for you. We all love to pretend that appearance doesn’t matter, but we’re just pretending. Appearance does matter, but not always in the way you think. Williams’ book is proof of that.

Reading Pretty Powerful was one of my first introductions to Williams’ background, something that she doesn’t often get the chance to share as a commentator on Fox News.  However, I think her background greatly informs her views and the way she argues in the courtroom and on TV. Williams grew up in a lower income situation but came out of that due to her mother’s entrepreneurship. Her father left when she was young. Eboni’s mother ran several of her own businesses, including a hair salon and daycare centers, despite not having a college degree. As a child, Eboni did pageants and commercials. These experiences helped her hone her understanding of how presentation affects success and build her confidence. She also documents the early years of her career so that we can all learn from her mistakes and get an insight into her life.

Williams is not afraid to shy away from the tough issues related to harnessing your “pretty power” this book and living a life where appearances do matter. She talks about sexual harassment in the work place, body image issues, sexism and expectations for women, and more. All of these topics are well handled as dialogues between Williams and a big named woman, including Monica Crowley, Meghan McCain, Marcia Clark, and former Miss America Kristen Haglund. All of these women are frank and honest about their experiences being a woman in the public eye, dressing the part, dealing with criticisms about their image, and harnessing their pretty power to get their message out effectively.

Pretty Powerful is a great read for any woman who is concerned about presenting properly as she heads into the real world. Unfortunately, appearances do matter. It doesn’t mean you need to go out and get a lot of plastic surgery, lose a ton of weight, or dress provocatively. Williams explores in Pretty Powerful how to harness your natural beauty and what makes you comfortable to make a good first impression, be taken seriously, get the job you’ve always wanted, and command respect. As someone who freaks out every time she has to choose an interview outfit, I highly appreciated the advice given in this book. While Eboni Williams’ story is fascinating, without a doubt, I really loved the stories shared by other women in the book, especially Marcia Clark, who talked about the sexism she faced while prosecuting the OJ Simpson Trial and Meghan McCain, who has constantly faced criticism for her weight, even from within her own camp.

Pick up Pretty Powerful by Eboni K Williams here or wherever books are sold.


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