No Campus for White Men

This article originally appeared on Future Female Leaders

Liberal indoctrination is sweeping the nation, and college campuses are the battlegrounds. In his new bookNo Campus for White Men: The Transformation of Higher Education into Hateful Indoctrination, Scott Greer takes a hard look at what has happened to our education system and how college students are being failed on a daily basis. Full of anecdotal evidence as well as statistics, this is a must read book for anyone concerned about the future of higher education and anyone that has lived this indoctrination firsthand. Does your college make the cut into the manuscript? Unfortunately, mine did, multiple times. Greer tackled the issues I lived through with a clear head and the facts, not just the feelings.

While the title, No Campus for White Men, suggests a book that focuses on how cisgender white maleness is under attack on campuses, which it often is, Greer uses this provocative title to explore much further and deeper. His chapters cover everything from political correctness, the rape culture, Greek life, and hoaxes. These topics all center on how college campuses are being used as liberal indoctrination camps to teach nice young men and women to hate themselves and each other and worship the almighty god of “diversity” and “political correctness.”

My favorite chapter, and there were only nine, so it’s a quick read, centered on rape culture feminism and how, sadly, the Left has co-opted statistics that just don’t add up to fact to try and scare women around the country. That 1 in 5 statistic about college rapes? It just doesn’t stand up when you look at it closely. Any sexual assault that occurs anywhere is a tragedy and a crime, but the way that colleges approach consent and Title IX is putting everyone at risk and not helping people who truly need helped. Greer takes an excellent nuanced approach to this topic that is sympathetic to actual victims while harshly criticizing those that stand in the way of true justice, including people who make false allegations and bureaucrats who obstruct justice or wage smear campaigns. Since there is an ongoing lawsuit about a Title IX violation that led to a man being expelled from my university, I was especially intrigued by this chapter. Be sure to check out that chapter, among others.

One thing that Greer’s book doesn’t do as well as I would have liked is offer solutions. What can we do to fight Title IX violations and false rape allegations that ruin people’s lives with little consequences? How do we fight to keep philanthropy-driven Greek Life alive on college campuses that call fraternities rapist havens and sororities white-girl-only houses? Is it enough to bring conservative speakers to campus and host affirmative action bake sales? How do we stand up, as college students, to big-britches bureaucrats with a million titles who are trying to tell us what we can and cannot call freshmen, what pronouns we have to use, and what gender studies classes must fill up our already busy schedule?

In an epilogue, Greer does address Trump’s election, the campus insanity that ensued, and what Trump means for the fight against political correctness on our campuses and allow students to be free-thinking adults once more. That, for one, gives me hope. Even if my college campus literally erupted into tears in the early morning of November 9th, Donald Trump is still the 45th president of the United States. Every single day of his presidency is a strong punch in the gut to political correctness and every kind of diversity expect intellectual diversity.

If you’re tired of the liberalism on your campus but want to know more about the facts of the matter, check out No Campus for White Men today.


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