10 Must-Know Book Related Web Sites That Aren’t Goodreads

Looking to enhance your book experience, get out of your own head, and learn more about publishing, the book biz, new releases, and more? If you like being in the know about all things books and are looking for ways to stay involved in the book community, these websites can help you out.

Publisher’s Weekly

For book deals, news from publishers, movie adaptations, and more.

Book Riot

For daily book deals, listicles, and insightful but new commentary on what to read.

Lit Hub

For longer-form essays on all things books and literature.

Riveted Lit

Listicles based on YA must-reads and chances to read full books and sneak peeks.

Off the Shelf

Listicles for every genre and a great way to hear about books similar to books you loved.

Epic Reads

For the YA kings and queens, a must-know site for new releases, cover reveals, etc.

Book Bub

For the reader looking for a good deal on Kindle books.

Bustle Books

For books up and coming in the pop culture world.

Hello Sunshine–The Reese Witherspoon Book Club

Enough said: Reese Witherspoon and books. Essays and listicles and book club discussions.

Future Female Leaders–Books

Nonfiction and biography reviews, listicles, and book gift ideas.




3 responses to “10 Must-Know Book Related Web Sites That Aren’t Goodreads”

  1. shalini Avatar

    Wow… There are so many omg I didn’t know. I have account in litsy… But they have links of only popular books. If I read a new book and want to post my review, they don’t allow


  2. Cats&Tea Avatar

    I love quite a few of these already, so I’ll have to check out the ones I don’t know!! Many of these also have options to add them to an RSS reader, like Feedly, so if you (or anyone reading this comment) has never heard of that or set up an RSS reader, I’d absolutely check it out. It’s like the best way ever to get just a million bookish posts all in one place

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lattesnliterature Avatar

      That’s such a good idea! Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

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