The Mid Year Freak Out Book Tag 2018

In celebration of June and 2018 being halfway through, here’s the Mid Year Freak Out Book Tag! Feel free to do it yourself!

Question 1 – The best book you’ve read so far in 2018

Ugh, so hard to answer this, but the first book that comes to mind is Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow. It may not be the BEST literary quality or whatever, but it totally drew me in and I cannot wait for the next book.

Question 2 – Your favorite sequel of the year

Confession: I hate series. I just can’t commit anymore. I think the only “sequels” I read this year were Harry Potter 4-7 to finish the reread that I started last year, so I guess I’ll say Goblet of Fire.

Question 3 – A new release that you haven’t read but really want to

Book of Essie! It sounds right in my wheelhouse but I’ve been so busy…and distracted by playing Sims 4.

Question 4 – Most anticipated release for the second half of the year

This is so hard to choose because I’m so excited about so many books. The Towering Sky, the last book in the Thousandth Floor series, is really high up there, along with Wildcard, the end of the Warcross duology by Marie Lu, and Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow.

Question 5 – Your biggest disappointment

A Wrinkle in Time. It took me SO LONG to read this short book. It just didn’t grab me. Maybe I’ve outgrown books like that.

Question 6 – Biggest surprise of the year

Since I already mentioned Nevermoor, I’ll go with People Like Us by Dana Mele for this one. I read it all in one night,it had great drama and intrigue and murder and I loved it.

Question 7 – Favourite new to you or debut author

Hmm..probably Liz Nugent. I discovered her this year and I’ve already read and enjoyed two of her books, Unraveling Oliver and Lying in Wait. They’re very Irish and full of intriguing characters.

Question 8 – Your new fictional crush

I don’t do fictional crushes because I’m a normal functioning human and have real world interactions. Whoops.

Question 9 – New favourite character

Morrigan Crow! Oh wait, did I already mention her? I don’t care. She’s sassy and funny and self-deprecating but also awesome.

Question 10 – A book that made you cry

I’m not a big cryer. I cried when Kreecher was a gem in Deathly Hallows and when the series ended (again) but I also cried in Wonder. I genuinely think those books are the only ones that have made me cry this year and I’ve read like…77..

Question 11 – A comic book that made you happy

I don’t read comic books. Oops.

Question 12 – Your favourite book to movie adaptation that you’ve seen this year

I don’t know that I’ve seen that many adaptations this year, but I really enjoyed Wonder, which I guess I technically saw in December but watched again on a plane in March!

Question 13 – Favourite book post you’ve done this year

Oooh, hard to pick. I love doing reviews because I get to use my own voice so loudly.

Question 14 – The most beautiful book you have bought/received this year

Oooh…probably An American Marriage. Such a beautiful and uniquely colored book.

Question 15 – What are some books you need to read by the end of the year

I need to catch up on my BOTM books, including Book of Essie, Last Equation of Isaac Severy, Red Clocks, etc. I also need to read all the eARCS I have such as What if It’s Us, The Opposite of Innocent, When We Caught Fire, The Similars, etc. I’m trying to get ahead on my ARC reading but we shall see!



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  1. Phantom Paper Avatar

    Haven’t heard of 99% of these but they sound intriguing! Nevermoor’s cover is so fun-looking and I have The Similars on my TBR, too!

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