The Towering Sky

The sweeping trilogy that puts Gossip Girl into the future and splashes in some death comes to an end with The Towering Sky.  After the tragic death of one of their friends’ at the end of book two, Avery, Watt, Rylin, Leda, and even Calliope must figure out who they want to be in the future all while avoiding police interrogations and the papparazzi.

It’s election time in New York city and Avery’s dad, Pierson Fuller, is running for Mayor. But will Avery be able to focus on that race with a new man in her life who is helping her recover from a broken heart given to her by the one boy she can’t have? The secret, and illegal, quantum computer in his head has always been there for Watt, but when Nadia starts to interfere in his life, and his college admissions process, he’ll start to wonder what life would be like without her. For Rylin, things are back on track. She’s got her scholarship and her art but…something is missing. Is it the boy she thought she had no future with or the boy she thought she didn’t deserve? Leda’s not been herself since the events of book 2, but now that she has her whole life ahead of her…will she fight for it? Calliope’s mom, Elise, decided to marry Nadav and keep them in NYC, but under conditions Calliope isn’t used to. Will she be able to fit the mold of perfect philanthropic daughter or will the allure of a cute boy blow their cover?

Overall, this wasn’t my favorite book in the series, but it was a good wrap up. I really enjoyed the ending. As you know if you’ve read the first two in the series, we get a preview of someone falling/jumping/being pushed off the tower at the beginning of each book and we spent the next three hundred or so pages figuring out who it will be. In this book, you know who is on that roof, who is “saying their last words” but the way McGee handles it made me squeal with delight.

The relationships in this book feel a bit rehashed, because they are, but there are still some exciting elevator makeouts and seeing some couples you know are perfect for each other end up back together is always a good time. The drama feels less high in this one, which is strange because there’s a potential murder investigation and a mayoral race, but you know these characters so well at this point you know what they would and wouldn’t do. Sure, the ending is crazy, but I did guess it several pages back. Or hoped for it at least. And I wasn’t disappointed!

The Thousandth Floor series has finally come to a close and I can’t wait for Katharine McGee’s next series, which she has billed as a futuristic novel where America has kings and queens. It’s called American Royals and is expected fall 2019.


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    Glad you liked it!

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