My Reading Goals for the Rest of 2018

Not much time left in the year…so I better get to reading. I love making goals. I’m a slut for goals. I cannot get enough. I made a list of 100 goals for the year back in January and frankly, I’m not AMAZING at keeping them, but I bust my ass nonetheless. So, why not make some goals for the rest of 2018? Why not give myself something to work towards?

Read a book by one of my professors

This was one of my 100 goals for the year…and I’ve put it off for eleven months despite Ka by John Crowley staring at me constantly. I’m going to do it soon, I swear.

Get to 160 Books Read

Right now, as I write this post, I’ve read 143 books and I’m currently reading three (one hardback, one audio, one for class) so I think this is doable! I’ll probably be at 150 by the end of November, so that leaves ten books in December which is very doable since my semester of grad school ends before the middle of the month and doesn’t start again until January.

 Catch up on my BOTM books

I think I am going to cancel my BOTM subscription after December to save money and slow down my TBR growth, but I still need to catch up on the books I ALREADY have. This means reading the following books: For Better and Worse, Nine Perfect Strangers, The Lies We Told, Bonfire, The Last Equation of Isaac Severy, and All the Ugly and Beautiful Things. Crap…that’s a lot of books.


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