I’ve never been big on “romances” or even “rom-coms” but wow am I addicted to Christina Lauren books right now. I read Josh & Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating about two weeks ago and now that I’ve read Roomies, I am impatiently waiting for my library hold on My Favorite Half-Night Stand to come in. Roomies was JUST what I needed and I was over the moon with it.

Holland lives in NYC and is trying to write her novel, but frankly not getting very far. In the meantime, her life is subsidized by her lovely gay uncles, one who is a major Broadway hit (think Lin-Manuel but gay and African and not also the lead). Also, for the past six months or so, Holland has had a major crush on a subway musician. So when Holland ends up laying on the tracks of the subway and saved only thanks to that very subway musician, she’s intrigued even further. And when her composer uncle needs a new musician for his musical…and idea forms. But, there’s a hitch. That subway musician can’t legally work…because he’s not in the US legally. Enter the trope that I fall in love with: a “fake” marriage that of course gets complicated because Holland is remarkably attracted to him, and of course they have to prove their marriage to immigration authorities.

I LOVED THIS BOOK. Yes, the trope is kind of silly but it like…works. Somehow.Because everything here is kind of ridiculous and smitzy and I love it. The romance is sweet and steamy in the right places and I love the Broadway backdrop. Also…I heard this is becoming a movie! That would be…AMAZING. I cannot wait. Wow. Okay, I cannot form words about this anymore. Holland is a fascinating character and so is Calvin and the romance is great and I’m obsessed with the gay uncles. That is all.


4 responses to “Roomies”

  1. Hannie Avatar

    What’s the best Christina Lauren to start with? She has a lot of books and I see pretty good things about them all, so I’m not sure what the best entry point is. I’m probably overthinking it…


    1. lattesnliterature Avatar

      Hannie and Ashley, I’m not sure which is THE best but I think Josh and Hazel is my favorite so far! I was introduced by Autoboyography but it’s more YA

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  2. Ashleyhouck Avatar

    I agree with Hannie above. I looked up her books and see so many. Should I start with any one or is there a good starting point?


  3. Athena Johnson Avatar

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