My Favorite Half-Night Stand

I’ve never been a huge “romance” reader but now that I’ve discovered what I will call the rom-com genre that is Christina Lauren, I’m obsessed. They’re the perfect books to read between heavier books and they also make me feel all tingly about love. This book was kind of a weird “oh crap this is weirdly relatable” read and I really enjoyed it!

Millie is one of the guys, quite literally. She’s in a tight-knit friend group with other faculty at UCSB, including Chris, Ed, Alex, and her closest friend, Reid. After a tenure party gone a little too wild, Millie and Reid end up sleeping together in a “half-night stand” but they decide not to let it complicate things. There’s a fancy campus event coming up and they all decide to get dates that aren’t each other, so they start using a dating website called IRL, kind of like, from what I can tell. But things get a little complicated when Millie makes an alternative profile and ends up matching with Reid…Soon, things get even more complicated because who can stop at just one half-night stand? And what about their other matches on the dating site?

This book is really cute and I love it like I’ve loved the other books by Christina Lauren. The characters feel really fleshed out and the scenarios are aggressively relatable. It actually reminded me a LOT of my current “situation” with my best friend, who asked me to help him make a Tinder the other day despite kind of knowing I’m in love with him. What a little butt.  Anyway, this book is fun. I think I prefer Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating but this was also really good! I also discovered, while tweeting to  Christina Lauren, they have a new book coming out in May called the Unhoneymooners, which sounds cool!


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