Spies That Bind

One of the January releases for Audible Originals was a real throwback! It’s a prequel novella (only on audio) to the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter we all loved growing up.

The Spies That Bind is a twelve chapter, nearly three hour trip back to Cammie’s first days at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women and detail how she found her footing at the spy school and met her best friend, Liz and Bex. We begin with a little story about Gillian Gallagher, the Civil War-era badass who founded the school in her family’s mansion. Then, we meet Cammie, fresh off of losing her dad and moving to the Gallagher Academy so her mother can be headmistress and she can start the 7th grade. It’s not easy though,being in a new space with new girls who are all super talented. There’s a lot of worries about being good enough and an imposter and the usual stuff teenage girls worry about, ya know?

It’s a quick read but it was a fun look back. Cammie feels like a seventh grader here, which as someone who was a young adult and read a lot of young adult still,I really appreciated. It’s only available on Audible but if you have a membership you get two free original content releases per month, so make this one of them if you loved the Gallagher Girls.

For people who haven’t read the rest of the series, there are no spoilers in this prequel, which is billed as 0.5.

You can buy a box set of the whole Gallagher Girls series here!


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