Find Your Way

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Our favorite female 2016 presidential candidate is back with a new book perfect for recent graduates and young career men and women trying to find the right way forward. Full of personal testimonies on failure and success, anecdotes we can all relate to, and a lot of the Socratic method, this book is a quick read that packs a punch if you’re wondering what you can do to change your life for the better in little ways.
“Finding Your Way” is about finding a path, not an endgame. Because, as Fiorina explains, it’s easier to handle fluctuations in the path that will ultimately lead you where you need to go rather than to realize you’re not meeting an end goal. As she says in the introduction, the goal of Find Your Way is to show you how to:
  • Choose a path over a plan
  • Use problems to propel yourself and your organization forward
  • Overcome fear and procrastination
  • Make smart decisions
  • Reclaim your power and use it for good
I’ve read a lot of self-help and career books and this one does a great job of using personal stories and anecdotes about others to relay stories of real world issues, like bullying bosses and men’s clubs and overwhelming paperwork, to help you see how you can start addressing the problems. This book doesn’t purport to have all the answers but it wants you to have the tools to know how to tackle those problems and the support to know you’re not alone.
Fiorina now leads a group called Unlocking Your Potential which aims to help prepare nonprofit leaders for success, and whether you’re in nonprofit work or business,like Fiorina was for many years, or in politics, you can benefit from this book. I finished this book quite quickly and ready to think about my own path. I have an “18 month plan” roughly sketched out, but now I’m widening my thought process on how to ultimately end up where I want to be. It’s not DO or DIE it’s TRY and TRY.
If you’re looking for a little boost in your career or a little guidance on what you can do to improve your story of success, pick up Find Your Way by Carly Fiorina, on sale April 9th.





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