Her Royal Highness

Boarding schools and royalty? Sign me up. The highly anticipated follow-up to Rachel Hawkin’s Royals (now republished as Prince Charming) has cute romance, Scottish boarding schools, a few tabloid scandals, and is a fun, quick read.

Millie, Amelia Quint, has always dreamed of Scotland, so when a boarding school formerly open only to men opens to women too, she can’t help but apply. And get it–but what helps make her decision to leave behind her life in Texas a little easier is her friend-turned-maybe-more Jude, who is suddenly no longer kissing her but kissing her ex-boyfriend. So she arrives in Scotland ready for a fresh start and a chill senior year…only to discover that her roommate is a literal PRINCESS. As in, Princess Flora, the romping fun sister of Seb and Alex that we met in Royals/Prince Charming.  Millie and Flora get off to a rough start though, with Millie referring to the princess as “Veruca Salt” and Flora getting into as much trouble as she possibly can. But eventually, a friendship blossoms…and maybe more. Is Flora truly over her ex, Tam? What about Millie’s feelings for Jude? And how hard is it to come out to the Queen of Scotland? Will the public accept them? They’re about to find out because the only thing more certain than death and taxes is the existence of  tabloids.

I love books about royalty and boarding schools, and I love the set-up for this book, though I thought the backdrop of Flora trying to leave was a little overblown. I’d rather have focused more on the school work and the budding relationship rather than the Crown drama. I did like the ending though! And the cover is ADORABLE. Ugh, so cute. Can’t wait to see what else this series has in store for us.



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