There’s Something About Sweetie

YA sweetheart Sandhya Menon is back with a companion novel to When Dimple Met Rishi about first love,  acceptance, and complicated Desi parents.  You don’t have to have read Dimple to love Sweetie, but I just love all of Menon’s books and am already looking forward to her new series at a boarding school in Colorado.  But first, let’s breakdown the adorable-ness that is There’s Something About Sweetie.

Sweetie Nair is a fat athlete, and she’s not ashamed of that, even if her Amma constantly critiques her body and tells her she’ll never be happy unless she loses weight. But Sweetie is happy, has great friends, and is one of the fastest runners in the state.  Ashish Patel is a rich boy, basketball star, and also heartbroken because he found his girlfriend, his first love Celia, out with another guy off at college. So, Ashish needs a pick-me-up to get his groove back. He asks his Desi parents to set him up with a girl, and they pick Sweetie. But Sweetie’s mom says no because she doesn’t think her fat daughter is compatible with someone like Ashish. But Sweetie and Ashish decide to go behind her parents’ back and go on a few dates to determine how compatible they truly are. What happens next surprises them both, throws a huge wrench in Ashish’s plans for his life. How far is Sweetie willing to go in the Sassy Sweetie Project, and what will they do when they start falling faster than they ever imagined?

This book is super cute! I loved the characters of Sweetie and Ashish even if their relationship is almost too good to be true. Sometimes cinnamon roll sweet love is good, right? Sweetie is a really strong character who both feels the awful comments from her mother weighing down on her but stays strong. She doesn’t succumb to the pressure, doesn’t let herself be bogged down by the thoughts, but instead focuses on what she knows brings her happiness-singing, running, Ashish. There’s crazy aunties, a battle of the bands type situation, parental interference for good and bad, and more. I cannot get enough of Sandhya Menon’s books. They are sweet cinnamon rolls and delicious little love stories and I am so excited for the next book by this standout author!

Pick up a copy of There’s Something About Sweetie on sale May 14th.

You can also read As Kismet Would Have It, a follow-up short novella to When Dimple Met Rishi on Riveted Lit or find it on Amazon.

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2 responses to “There’s Something About Sweetie”

  1. Kasey @ The Story Sanctuary Avatar

    Awww this sounds like a great book. I haven’t read WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI yet, but it’s on my list. I just need to sit down and binge read them both! 🙂


  2. coffeestarsbooks Avatar

    Oooh, I might have to check this out. I liked When Dimple Met Rishi, but I wasn’t so keen on From Twinkle With Love.


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