In an attempt to be a better librarian one day, I’ve tried to step outside my reading comfort zone in 2019 and I’ve actually discovered a new favorite genre–young adult and middle grade graphic novels! I read Kayla Miller’s first graphic novel, Click, a few months ago, and I’ve had Camp on my library hold list ever since. Camp follows the same character of Click, Olive, but I think you could read Camp without reading Click first.

I was immediately drawn to Camp because I have such fond memories of summer camp as a kid (and as a young adult) and I loved the graphic novel Be Prepared by Vera Brosgol. And I wasn’t disappointed. I flew through this book, with its beautiful illustrations and a really compelling story.

Olive and her best friend Willow are excited to be at a two-week summer camp for the first time. They’re in the same bunk and enjoy signing up for classes like video, music, magic, and more. They make friendship bracelets, eat in the mess, all that camp stuff. But Olive is excited to make her new friends, excited to try new things, and she feels weighed down by Willow, who spends the first week getting homesick and trying to keep Olive all to herself. Things come to a blow between the girls and their friendship is tested along with their resolve to have a good camp experience.

This book was adorable. I love Miller’s illustration style and the story feels so age-appropriate. Olive is a great character with flaws but also a great center and I loved seeing the camp activities play out in the panels that didn’t always have major plot elements. A great book all around!





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