I Read 100 Picture Books in a Month and Here’s What I Learned

I love a good goal, even if the only person tracking that goal is me and there’s no grade or gratification coming. As you might know, I work in a public library and am getting my MSLS, so I’m trying to decide if I want to pursue being a children’s librarian. In the month of July, I challenged myself to read 100 picture books and document them on Twitter to keep myself accountable. You can see the following thread for a complete list of the books!


I love accountability. And ultimately, I completed this challenge to myself in 22 days, an impressive turnaround if I do say so myself. As background, I was taking a Diversity in Children’s Literature Course at this time, so I was keeping those lessons in the back of my mind as well.

1. I love Patricia Polacco

Seriously, amazing author. I think I read 20-30 of her book as part of my 100, and I have more on hold to read in coming weeks. I love her stories and love the author’s note she includes on how they are true to her real life!

2. I’m weak and cry a lot

I don’t want to count how many of these picture books made me cry, because that might be embarrassing. Seriously though, I cried a lot. Usually at how sweet or wholesome something was, or when a dog died, or when I just felt very moved. I’m weak, but at least I’m moved.

3. The “David” books have lost their luster

Remember the “David” books from when we were growing up? Yeah…they’re not as impressive once you’re a 23 year old with more expectations. All the other books I read were way better.

4. I much prefer books about people rather than animals

Children’s books often get a bad rap for being all about animals, but there are a LOT of books about KIDS too and honestly, I prefer them. Sometimes the animal stories are cute, but I don’t want a story about slavery told through the eyes of rabbits, ya know?

5. I LOVE diverse books

A vast majority of the books I picked up would fit my diversity class’s syllabus. Books with POC protaongists, representing different religions (I learned a lot about Islam and Judaism especially) along with developmental disabilities. I’m glad my local library has such a great collection because I loved exploring it. They’re interesting and beautifully done and have so much to offer readers of all ages.

I still don’t know if I want to be a children’s librarian or not, but I’ve really enjoyed reading so many picture books this month and can’t wait to dive back in to more.


2 responses to “I Read 100 Picture Books in a Month and Here’s What I Learned”

  1. Davida Chazan Avatar

    Brava on completing this challenge, and I hope you found some great books to share with others!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cynthiahm Avatar

    That’s a great challenge. And as you have shown, it has given you some insight into the world of children’s picture books. I love LEMONADE by Patricia Polacco so much. I must read more of her books.


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