Love and Other Words

Christina Lauren stan here, reporting for duty. Love and Other Words WRECKED ME and SAW ME and wow, I’m still reeling. I’m an unabashed fan of all their works, but this one hit REALLY close to home with the romance and I cannot even begin to explain the FEELINGS I had. It was insane, but I loved it. I really did.

Macy is a resident in critical pediatrics and running quick and fast, no time to slow down. So it’s a big deal when seeing Elliot in a coffee shop stops her completely. You see, Elliot and Macy were kind of…everything to each other for five years in high school, but they haven’t spoken a word to each other for ELEVEN YEARS. Told in “then” and “now” segments, you follow Elliot and Macy initially connecting (and ultimately falling apart) and then you watch them reconnect while dealing with that fallout from the past. Things are complicated though because at the moment they run into each other, Elliot has a girlfriend, Macy is engaged, and also you know…they haven’t talked in ELEVEN YEARS and there’s a lot to unpack. It’s about true love and books and soul mates and first kisses and first times and breaking up and making up and discovering what it means to FEEL and parental loss and there’s so much here and I’m obsessed with this book, okay? I flew through it because I could not get enough.

I screamed, I cried a bit, I gasped and grasped my chest, it was a lot and I loved every second of it.

Seriously, this book floored me. Go read it, right now.


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