Maybe This Time

Kasie West is back and I continue my quest to read everything she publishes. Maybe This Time hit shelves (and my audible account) on July 9th, and I was done by the 12th, if that tells you anything.

Sophie moonlights as a florist’s assistant on all the major events in her small Alabama town, so when a famous chef and his son come to town to help the local caterer (also Sophie’s best friend’s dad) they are inevitably going to run into each other again and again. So when the first encounter between Sophie and Andrew goes less than stellar, it really sets up a roller coaster of a year as they discover more about each other and themselves and find out what they really want from their lives. Sophie’s always dreamed of getting the hell out of Alabama and moving to NYC to study design, but at what expense to her time left in Alabama? It’s enemies to more, it’s about parental disappointments and struggles, it’s about having siblings and having a job and wanting to go to college and a lot of other things.

The pacing of this novel is weird. We really only focus on the nine major events throughout the year where Sophie and Andrew meet. There’s a brief catch-up in between, but we don’t see Sophie going to school or Andrew doing daily life, we just focus on those events. It’s kind of weird, but it also weirdly works in some ways, so I didn’t mind TOO much. Overall, it was cute, I screamed when it finally came to fruition, and I enjoyed the ending. Kasie West’s yet to let me down.


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