to drink coffee with a ghost

Amanda Lovelace is back, and while I admit to never being that into poetry, something about her work guts me, puts me back together again, and inspires me to get her words tattooed on my skin. Seriously, this collection of poems, which deals with similar issues to the first few of her books and also with the death of her mother, is powerful and beautiful and I can’t recommend it enough.

I love Lovelace’s style of writing, the simplicity of her poems and how they pack a punch more than any sonnet ever could. The illustrations in this book are also amazing. While this book deals with a lot of things I’ve never experienced firsthand, I still couldn’t stop reading and I can’t wait for her next collection. She’s a real gift for female readers, I know that.

Thanks Netgalley for the review copy!

to drink coffee with is a ghost is on-sale everywhere September 17, 2019.


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