It must be fall y’all because Rainbow Rowell’s story of friendship and pumpkin patches is here and now I’m ready to start carving pumpkins and eating pie.

Deja and Josiah work together at the pumpkin patch every year, along with lots of other high schoolers. Everyone fills their role–scooping ice cream, leading pony rides, handing out apples, et cetera. And we get to see a little bit of everything that goes on at the pumpkin patch as they go on an adventure to tell Josiah’s crush how he feels. There’s so much fall foliage, food stuff, and friendship. It’s wholesome and really positive and has a cute ending, and I’m a big fan. There’s body positivity and a bisexual female protagonist and so much good food mentioned and it made me really hungry but also ready for fall, haha.

Image result for pumpkinheads

Plus, Faith Erin Hicks’ illustrations are gorgeous and I loved reading this. Hope these two do something together again soon! Pumpkinheads is on sale wherever books are sold.




One response to “Pumpkinheads”

  1. Mischenko Avatar

    Glad you enjoyed this one! I did too. Excellent review 🙂


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