Breaking Down The Differences In Hidden Bodies vs You Season 2

Before diving into the phenom that is You Season 2, I decided to read the books, the OG stuff, by Caroline Kepnes: You and its sequel which inspired season 2: Hidden Boddies. And boy, let me tell you, there were some major differences. I liked season 2, but I think it’s less believable (is that the word I’m looking for) than the book.

Spoilers ahead, but here I go breaking down the differences

Will Bettelheim

In the book, Joe goes to LA as Joe. Therefore, the entire Will Bettelheim/Jasper narrative is absent in the book.

The Cage

Nope. Not in the book. No mention of it. Would probably be hard to pack in a suitcase.

Candace vs Amy Adam

So, in the book Candace is dead. Like, did not survive Joe dead. But, after Beck’s death he begins dating a girl “named” Amy Adam, who fucks him over and prompts his move to LA so he can stalk her/end her/whatever. The show kind of blended these two ideas together a bit.

Meeting Love/Love’s Wealth

I felt like the book played Love’s wealth up a lot more than the show. For one, in the book, Joe doesn’t work for Love’s family place. In the book, Love and Joe meet at a hotel and there’s sex and a champagne bubble bath and it’s a little more insane. Also, he meets her parents right away.

Will & Jasper & Finger Cutting

Nopeeeee. Not in the book.


Not in the book at all. No mention of Delilah having a sister.


In the book Joe does kill him/let him die but there’s no #MeToo storyline involved. He’s just kind of a lame comedian Joe doesn’t like who gets in the way of things.

Adapting Beck’s Work

Absolutely not. What a weird thing the show did. In the book, Milo & Forty & Love & Joe all make a movie together but it’s not about Beck or anything similar at all. I liked that aspect of the storyline reminded me of my own WIP. Oops.

Forty’s End

Forty Quinn does not survive Hidden Bodies. Joe tries to kill him, he survives (but doesn’t really remember that well) and then he gets hit by a car in a freak jaywalking accident. No cops involved.

Killing Candace/Delilah

Obviously, Love doesn’t kill Candace in the book because Candace is already dead. However, she doesn’t kill ANYONE in the book. You still get some unhinged vibes because of how she reacts to things, but the murder is all on Joe.


Did Season 2 just forget about the mug of urine? Well the Book didn’t. Joe and Love end up going to Peach’s house in search of that when the case gets re-opened, and it’s ultimately Love who gets the cup by pretending to be Peach’s ex lesbian lover to get into the house.

How Joe Ends….Season 3?

As much as I’m excited for a season 3, I kind of liked the finality of Hidden Bodies. Joe and Love are together, she’s supposedly preggers, and they’re sitting at a Taco Bell. Then, the police arrest Joe, and he wonders how he’s going to parent from prison. It’s pretty insane.





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