The Great Big Little Women (2019) Pop Culture Round Up


Will I ever stop raving about the new adaption of Little Women? No. Is it because it is AMAZING? Yes. Is it because they did a stellar PR campaign? Also yes. I swear to you I spent an entire day lost in the YouTube abyss that is Little Women. Reviews, clips, behind the scenes, interviews with the casts…it’s all there, and wow…you can learn so much from it all. And so I’ve compiled the best of the best here for you today, the ultimately Little Women (2019) Pop Culture Round Up, including a book that is a companion to the movie, some podcasts, some interviews, a heck ton of YouTube videos, and more.

Little Women: The Official Movie Companion

NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour Episode–Little Women

NY Times:How Greta Gerwig Built Her ‘Little Women’

Vanity Fair: Greta Gerwig on the Lives of Little Women—And Why “Male Violence” Isn’t All That Matters

The Atlantic: One Way the New Little Women Film Is Radical

The Full Script of Gerwig’s Adaptation

Little Women Clip–Economic Proposition

Greta Gerwig’s fresh take on the old favorite ‘Little Women’

Peter Travers Interviews Florence Pugh

Saoirse Ronan on How David Bowie Inspired ‘Little Women’ 

Conversations with Little Women at SAG-AFTRA

Greta Gerwig on Directing Meryl Streep

Saoirse Ronan, Timothée Chalamet, Laura Dern & Greta Gerwig Break Down a Scene from ‘Little Women’

How ‘Little Women’ Throws a Dance Party | Anatomy of a Scene

The Cast Of “Little Women” Finds Out Which Character They Really Are

Little Women’s Timothée Chalamet & Florence Pugh Play Guess The Famous Movie Sisters | MTV Movies

Little Women’s Saoirse Ronan, Timothee Chalamet, Director Greta Gerwig & More Tell All | PeopleTV

Saoirse Ronan Enjoyed Having The Emotional Upper Hand Over Timothée Chalamet In ”Little Women”

Cardi B Inspired Greta Gerwig’s Vogue Cover and Directing Little Women Pregnant


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