Tweet Cute

A grilled-cheese Romeo & Juliet style meet cute with Twitter memes and lots of baking? Sold, sold, sold. Tweet Cute by Emma Lord is on sale everywhere January 21, 2020 and it’s got a complicated little romance, some family drama, and a viral Twitter war and it’s perfect for people who like modern, contemporary fiction that feels rooted in reality and teen life.

Pepper is the Big Burger League heiress who often helps the company’s social media person with the twitter account, which is how she ends up in a Twitter war with Jack, the son and heir apparent to Girl Cheesing. It’s all about a Grandma’s Special grilled cheese,  baby. It’s more complicated than that though. Pepper’s missing her sister, who doesn’t come home anymore. She’s stressed about applying to college, and she’s been talking anonymously to someone from her school and she’s beginning to wonder if it means something more. When Pepper and Jack’s Twitter beef goes viral, they’re going to get pushed together in ways that are both amazing and horrible, but can their friendship survive? Or will it become something more? Can either business survive?

This rom-com feels super rooted in contemporary teen life, and I loved seeing the pressures of the school-real life balance depicted. I do wish we saw more of the private school atmosphere, but that’s just something particular to me I think. It’s dual POV, which I love, and I also thought it worked well that we the audience learned things before the other POV and then got to see how they reacted. Plus, there’s some great food talk in this book. Grilled cheese recipes, monster cake, milkshakes, et cetera. It’s vaguely NYC centric, so it checks that box too.

I’m hoping this book ends up being a BOTM YA pick for January or February because I think lovers of Kasie West and Jenn Bennett will love this one.





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