The Wives

After putting off reading an E-Arc of this for months, I finally picked up my December BOTM edition of The Wives by Tarryn Fisher. This might be the first time in…a long time…that I’ve read my BOTM pick the same month I received it. Insane, I know. Anyway, I didn’t really know what to expect from this book and I can’t say I was ultimately surprised by anything that happened, but it was a good read for me. If you’ve read The Wife Between Us, The Silent Patient, and/or Sometimes I Lie, you won’t find the turns in this book shocking, but you will still enjoy reading it.

Thursday’s husband has two others wives, we learn at the opening of this book. He’s polygamist, but Thursday is his legal wife. His first wife didn’t want kids, so he took Thursday. Then, and no real spoilers here, he takes another. But after she finds a doctors bill with a woman’s name on it in his pocket, Thursday realizes she can no longer ignore her desire to know about the other women. Things are not what they seem when she befriends this woman, because things are about to get twisted and turned on their head. What is Seth hiding? How far is anyone willing to go for the person they love? Who left those bruises on Hannah? And can we trust Thursday at all?

This book is peak domestic suspense meets psychological thriller. You don’t want to trust a single character you meet, there’s lots of talk of sex and marriage and affairs and family stuff, and while no one dies on page…someone gets pretty close. I’d never read anything by Tarryn Fisher before, but I can definitely see why this was a BOTM pick. It’s got everything they love in it. And while I as a reader of this kind of stuff often wasn’t too “shocked” by the twist I didn’t find myself bored. I don’t read books to “figure them out,” I read books to enjoy them, and I enjoyed this book so much I read it in one day.



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