No Exit

I finally gave into the Book of the Month hype and read No Exit by Taylor Adams. I’d had the book on my radar for awhile, but never made the jump, but finally I did, and wow, what a roller coaster of a ride.

Darby is on her way home from school because her mother has been diagnosed with cancer. There’s also a major snowstorm, so what a recipe for disaster, am I right? Anyway, Darby ends up stranded at a rest area with four other strangers, with the plan being that rescue will come in the morning. But, when Darby steps outside to try and get a cell signal, she sees something she can’t ignore. Someone has a child locked into a dog cage in the back of their van. Someone inside is a kidnapper, and Darby has to figure out who it is, and what she’s going to do about it. There’s twists and turns and a nail gun and some gross finger smashing and so much snow, and wow, heart pounding.

I read this book in less than five hours while also technically at work at the time. That’s how quickly this book flew by–I felt like I couldn’t put it down. I’ll be honest, when around page 40 Darby realized who owned the van, I thought “damn, that was over quickly” but boom, twists and turns. So many twists and turns. I gasped once, aloud.  I read a lot of these books, and this isn’t so much a “who did it” as much as an “omg what is going to happen next” and I liked that. It was a quick read for me, and I can’t wait to recommend it to people looking for a good, thrilling read.


3 responses to “No Exit”

  1. Jules_Writes Avatar

    Great review, I love some good twists and turns in my fiction.


  2. Shalini Avatar

    Wow fantastic review. I have to read this

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