Check, Please

Would my 2019 foray into graphic novels have been complete without reading Check, Please? I think not. Hockey, baking, LGBTQ tension, and college life unite in this acclaimed graphic novel by Ngozi Ukazu, who actually went to my alma mater. The world is too small, I swear. I breezed through this book in an afternoon and can’t wait for the sequel, which comes out in April 2020.

Bitter (aka Bitty) is a freshman at Samwell University, ready to bake some pies and play some hockey. This graphic novel, that tells the story of Bitter’s freshmen and sophomore years,  recounts the trials and tribulations of being a newcomer on a sports team, adjusting to college life, coming out, living in a team house, meeting someone FAMOUS, and more. It’s cute, it’s got a lot going for it, and while the language can be “foul” according to some reviews, it’s a good college story, and it’s even more interesting since the author and I share an alma mater.

I’m glad I finally read this graphic novel, and can’t wait to read the sequel.





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