Foul is Fair

I discovered Hannah Capin when she wrote Dead Queens Club, a YA re-imagining of the story of Henry VIII, and honestly, I was kind of mad no one told me about it earlier because it was VERY on brand for  me.  But I started following her on Twitter and got an e-ARC from NetGalley of her Macbeth-inspired second novel, and wow, it is somehow even better than Dead Queens Club. The writing, the development, the intrigue. I’m amazed and I can’t wait for everyone else to read Foul is Fair when it comes out in February 2020.

Macbeth meets #MeToo in this gripping, extremely well written story. After Elle is sexually assaulted by several boys at a St. Andrews Party, she and her “coven” of friends decide to get revenge, Lady Macbeth style. She becomes Jade, she transfers to St. Andrews, befriends the cool kids, and her attackers, and starts taking them out one-by-one with the help of her new boyfriend, Mack.  There’s murder, there’s absolutely haunting language, there’s plotting and prep school drama and friends turning against friends and secret texts and wow, this is a STRONG Book. Like, it’s there. It’s so well written I wanted to carve it into my skin, the message is strong (yasss strong women with plans & goals) and I can’t wait for everyone to read it.

There are trigger warnings for sexual assault (not on the page), along with transphobic bullying, self-harm,  suicide, and you know…lots of blood and murder. But this book is really good and you should 100% read it when Foul is Fair comes out in February 2020.






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