An Anonymous Girl

On my quest to stop having a TBR pile the size of my house inside my house, I finally read An Anonymous Girl, the second book by writing duo Sarah Pekkanen and Greer Hendricks. ¬†Perfect timing, since their third book comes out in March. I read The Wife Between Us back in 2017, actually, and I only remember that because I was sneaking reads of it on my phone while waiting in the cold at the Macy’s Day Parade that year. I enjoyed that book well enough, and this one was good too. I really like their fast-paced and multi-POV writing style, but ultimately, I’m beginning to wonder if I read TOO MANY of these types of books and am kind of too attuned to the tropes and twists we so often get.

An Anonymous Girl begins with Jess, a freelance makeup artist in NYC who overhears some clients talking about a psych survey that will pay you a crap ton of money for answering some questions. Jess decides to lie her way into the study, but ultimately, she gets involved in a much deeper question of morality than any psych study could truly test. The professor in charge of the “study” is a fascinating creature of her own, with absolutely intoxicatingly written chapters, and the way this plot weaves itself together is super well done. There’s that domestic suspense along with some psychological manipulation, some ¬†interplay with imperfect character and often too reliable narrators (despite not liking them..haha) but this is a good book!

If you like fast-paced books,you’ll love this. Pekkanen and Hendricks write short chapters and alternate them in a way that makes you want to keep reading until you’re done. If you read a lot of similar books you may not find this the most “omg twist-y” of books, but ultimately, it’s a good read. It’s also nice to see a main character who isn’t the wife herself, which is kind of uncommon in the “domestic suspense” books I’ve read recently. I also really loved the way the doctor’s POV was done! Distinct voice POVs are my favorite.

If you have Hoopla through your public library, the audiobook of An Anonymous Girl is available there.

You Are Not Alone is on sale everywhere March 3, 2020.

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