That Can Be Arranged

Love a good graphic novel, and love an irrevent, humorous take on a topic that can sometimes be “taboo” or “intense” to talk about. That Can Be Arranged: A Muslim Love Story is just that book! It’s a funnily illustrated graphic memoir about the author’s own experience with arranged marriage in the Muslim community, her own love story, and it’s got so much heart and humor throughout.

Huda Fahmy heard all about arranged marriages growing up–the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful–but she didn’t know how HARD it would be to try and find one–to navigate the world of dating resumes and chaperoned conversations and “have your father call my father.” Then, at a faith-based conference, she saw a SUPER CUTE dude and was like “please” and somehow, by the luck of these things, someone said “That can be arranged.”

This book is humor, it’s love, it’s #ownvoices reality that we often read about in fiction, and while obviously, Huda Fahmy had a happy ending, it’s not a “this is the overall experience” book, it’s very much “isn’t it so funny how it happened to me” and I loved that. It’s also a pretty simple (and therefore even funnier) illustration style, so even non-graphic novel readers can dive in easily without too much of a learning curve.

That Can Be Arranged is available wherever books are sold.


One response to “That Can Be Arranged”

  1. Kally Avatar

    Great and thorough review. I enjoy reading this very much. Thank you.


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