Introducing: Ladies Love Literacy

There’s nothing more I like than a new project, and when this whole pandemic started, I got a little idea. There were SO many great quotes out there by female authors about books and reading and the importance of literacy. I also had so many people asking me for random book recommendations.

So, I developed Ladies Love Literacy, an instagram account where for 50 days, starting May 1st, I will be featuring ONE quote from a female author about reading and books and pairing it with not necessarily a review of the book the quote is from/one from the author but just any book. I’m a librarian, I have lots of book recommendations!

This isn’t, for me, a way to get a lot of Instagram followers or connect with authors or anything, I just hope it reaches SOMEONE who enjoys reading and finds a new favorite quote, a new book they want to read, or something that makes them pick up a book.

Here are the first two posts:



Hope to see you all there!







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