Stepping Stones

I’ll read anything Lucy Knisley writes, and her illustrations are adorable, so I am SO GLAD to see her diving into the MG graphic novel sphere with this adorable book based on her own experiences: Stepping Stones. Peapod Farm,here we come.

Jen isn’t in love with her summer life: on the farm with her mom and her new boyfriend, taking care of the chicken coops, and helping run the stall at the farmer’s market. Enter: the boyfriend’s kids, including a girl Jens’ own age: Andy, and little sister Reese. Almost-step-sibling tension immediately blooms as both girls learn to live with each other, learn their place in this new farm life, and learn to care about each other. Jen’s struggling with math, Andy’s struggling with being away from her mom, and both girls at at each other’s throats. But there is resolution! And I hope there is more in this series!

I love a good middle grade graphic novel, alright? Baby-Sitters Club is my jam, and this is very in that vein. Deals with real world issues, great illustrations, realistic kids, and interesting family and friendship dynamics. Plus, chickens. So many chickens. I love that this book is drawing on Knisley’s own experiences (and her own struggles with math!) but geared towards a middle grade audience and introducing them to Peapod Farm as a world in and of itself. I hated the mom’s boyfriend, but apparently he gets better, so I would like to see that haha. Overall, I really enjoyed this cute book and can’t wait to see it start circulating among the kids who love BSC, Raina, Sunny, and more.


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