Beach Read

Don’t you love when a book takes your breath away and is exactly what you need at that moment? I LOVE when I binge read books, because while I read quickly, I usually read in spurts. Sitting down and reading a full novel in one swoop means I LOVED the book and that was Beach Read by Emily Henry. Let me paint a scene for you. I’m an on-off BOTM subscriber because I’m a literal librarian, but I got an April box and I got Beach Read, Fountains of Silence, and Spinning Silver. I shelved them and said “one day” and then I need a book to read while listening to a literary criticism piece on Shakespeare’s Cleopatra, so I put the book on the bed beside me while I settled in to wait for a boy to Facetime me. Fast forward an hour, he hasn’t called, but I am sucked into the book.I close my comptuer and end up DEVOURING this book and falling asleep around 3am blissfully happy.

While Beach Read starts out as a sort of “enemies to lovers” type romance with two “rival” writers as neighbors, it quickly becomes more. January is on deadline for her next book and moves in, because #broke and #breakup, to the house her recently deceased father left her…the house he shared with his mistress, who January found out about AT HIS FUNERAL. That’s not enough. She quickly learns her grumpy next door neighbor was the hot shot author she went to college with–and she considers him a real rival. Cue the meet cute in a bookstore, beign pushed together by nosy bookstore owners, and a pact is made: January will try to write serious literary fiction, no HEA, and Gus will try his hand at a happily ever after.

Of course, you know where this is going. It’s a beach read-romance. There’s a HEA. There’s heartfelt revelations about family backstories! There’s emotional character depth! There are hot makeout scenes and sex against a bookshelf. I don’t know if it’s the pandemic, or my emotions, or what, but this book was EXACTLY what I needed right now. Plus, I’m not alone. My friend Amanda who usually isn’t drawn to romances loved this book too–and it’s gotten SO Many good reviews in the BOTM Facebook groups. Ugh, yes, that’s all I’m saying. I laughed, I cried, I loved it.

Risti, clami, amavi (this is my new HEA go-to line LOL. excuse my poor Latin. I swear I took AP Latin…but I did not pass the AP exam lol)


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