Party of Two

I’ll be the first to admit I am not the usual romance reader…but I like when I can swoon for a book, and so this, my second Jasmine Guillory book, was a nice way to take my mind off a pandemic and spend a day or two. I was actually trying to decide if this would be a good pick for a book club, but it was a little to explicit for our audience–but I think most readers will enjoy this book!

Olivia Monroe moves to LA to finally start her own law firm. She’s got it planned out, and she’s level-headed, but then she meets a guy at her hotel bar and later at a semi-work event, and…things get complicated. Because he’s not just any guy. He’s the junior Senator from California, and he’s an eligible bachelor, and he’s SUPER into her. As Max and Olivia fall for each other, she must decide how much of herself she is willing to share with the public and how to balance their very different decision making styles. Max is impulsive and quick to respond and Olivia is a thinker and takes her time with decisions and yet they both love cake and volunteering and each other…but will they be able to take the public scrutiny? It’s like Meghan/Harry but stateside and a little less intense, at least on the page, but it’s swoony and got good sex scenes–if you’re into that sort of stuff–but also a unique little political backstory!

So I’ve heard hit or miss thing about Guillory’s first couple books,but I liked Royal Holiday, and I liked Party of Two! This felt SUPER low stakes to me, but I kind of liked that. The criticism of Olivia didn’t lean too heavily into itself–that would have made me just sad–and it does have that HEA we all want, plus it’s got cute date ideas and so much cake.I liked it. It’s nothing that’s going to change the world, but it made me laugh and smile and that’s exactly what I wanted it to do. Also, hell yes to strong female characters with full personalities and quirks and interests who don’t change for a man!


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