The Heir Affair

Bex and Nick, the fanfiction version of Will & Kate, are back in The Heir Affair, the sequel to The Royal We. Like the first in the series, this book is full of drama and twists, a lot of sub plots, and is probably a 150 pages longer than it needs to be, but if you like living in royal plots, you’ll probably like this one.

Spoilers for The Royal We ahead but like…it’s romance, come on.

After Bex’ kiss with Spare Prince Freddie was revealed on their wedding day, Bex and Nick have been hiding out and enjoying the early days of matrimony, but the pressures of The Crown are pressing as hard as ever, and so the lovebirds must return to the mess they left behind, including Queen Eleanor and all her sass, the tricky Prince Richard, and Freddie, whose dating a series of career woman and finding himself dumped again and again. The trio–Bex Nick and Freddie–is still trying to find footing in this new reality, and things are going to get complicated quick because there’s more tabloid drama, someone ends up in a coma, someone dies,  at least three people are pregnant, and Bex and Nick must make a VERY big decision–or multiple–that will change the monarchy forever.

As per usual, Bex and Nick are almost boring compared to their fascinating friends–loved Bea in this one, and Gaz as always–and the complicated feelings of Bex and Freddie remain. There’s a lot of gossip,a lot of description of manor homes we didn’t need, and a fascinating but probably overdone subplot involved the Queen’s dead younger sister. Trust me, there’s a LOT going on, which makes sense since this book is nearly 500 pages long. Wayyyy too long for rom-com style, but the writing is intriguing and the pacing I think it interesting–doesn’t lean too heavily into “everything happens today” or skipping through time.  I liked spending time in this world again, but I was also so ready for it to be over, if that makes sense?

Overall, I think our fascinating with royalty will continue in this world, but I hope that these authors dive into another story instead of giving us another 500 pages on Bex and Nick’s ascension to the throne or something, ya know?

The Heir Affair is on sale everywhere July 7, 2020.

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