Yet Another “Oops I Didn’t Review” Round Up

I don’t review every book I read, because no one cares about my thoughts in 2020 on a book published in 1962, but I do like to keep track of things and give you a run down on what I’m reading, what I enjoyed, what I hated, etc, even if it’s not a full review, so here’s my THIRD, I think, round up of books I didn’t review. I have done a LOT of ARC reading recently, so this is a bit shorter than usual!

The Royal Art of Poison

Got this during an Audible sale forever ago, kept putting it off, but it was interesting! Kind of like a 12 hour podcast, LOL.

Invincible Louisa

A little dense for a MG Newbery Winner, but a biographical account of the life of Louisa May Alcott, which is always interesting.

Karen’s Roller Skates

I read this book in like 30 minutes LOL. Th 2nd in the BSC Little Sister graphic novels, just as cute as you think it would be!

You Are Not Alone

Maybe I should have written a review of this, because it’s newer, but it’s got cool twists and turns and I liked it a lot!

November Road

A BOTM book I’d had for tooo long. Didn’t love the mob/mafia element, but a lot better than I thought it would be!

Once More Upon a Time

Cute little Audible original, though it didn’t blow me away

Mrs Dalloway

Not a huge Virginia Woolf style fan, but this was my “unread classic” in June so I cranked it out

More to the Story

Adorable, diverse middle grade retelling of Little Women! Loved it!

Out of the Dust

90s Newbery winner..nothing special.


Weird, weird, weird. Boarding school teacher, sex scandals, like Prep meets Tampa. But compelling..LOL

Ship It

Another book I’d owned for TOO long. It was cute, fandom-y. Didn’t blow me away.

Joy at Work

The new Marie Kondo, listened to it on audio.Nothing mind-blowing as a time and organization reader, but a good refresher.

Tale of Despereaux

Another Newbery winner, cute and fairy tale-esque!



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